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Metro Counseling Center

Metro Counseling Center

A Faith-Based Perspective

It is never to late to begin with God.  Everyone can experience sadness, depression, tragedy, and trauma.  Believing in Jesus Christ does not exempt anyone from these things, however, God desires that you live a whole, joyful life.  
God is not mad at you!  His desire is for you to be fully engaged in your life, enjoying it daily.  If you are struggling with faith, God's character or His will for your life -- there is hope.  It is possible to overcome fear, doubt and unbelief and experience living in the identity Christ has given you.
The Bible is God's Word.  God's Word contains the answers to every problem in life.  Metro Counseling Center is dedicated to providing professional counseling services with a Biblical perspective for all who seek it.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I believe that healing and wholeness stems from having a relationship with Jesus.  A personal walk with my Lord and Savior is a priority in my life. Within all counseling sessions, a spiritual perspective is offered upon request.

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