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Metro Counseling Center

Metro Counseling Center


Play therapy allows a child to heal through organizing their world in the only way they know how: to play; it is their natural language. Play therapy is the vehicle… It offers children a place where they can be heard, understood, and supported while they are vulnerable. 

Adolescent Care
Teens have significant emotional needs that can require a professional counselor's help.  As a professional counselor I can offer unbiased guidance, create alternative behavior options, and help educate teens of their potential in life.  Depression, teen relationships, anxiety, and victims of bullying are just a few issues adolescents face. I have a passion for meeting young people and helping them overcome obstacles so they can move forward and become all they can become in life.

Adolescents are neither adults nor children.  Caught in the "in-between" stage of needing help and desperately desiring independence can be an emotional roller coaster ride.  Call for your professional help - don't suffer through these ups and downs alone.